• Has your family experienced a major life event such as divorce or loss of a loved one?
  • Has your child witnessed or been a victim of a crime?
  • Have you suddenly received calls from your child’s school stating your child is being disruptive in class or is having difficulty engaging their peers?
  • Is your child experiencing outbursts, trouble sleeping, excessive worry, tearfulness, or difficulty following directions?

Often times major life events can overwhelm a child’s ability to cope resulting in changes in their behavior. Other times, even when seemingly nothing is going on in our child’s environment, a once easy going and relaxed child can suddenly exhibit changes in their personality. Research has shown us that children as young as three years old can benefit from therapy to express and process their feelings while developing coping strategies to manage their behaviors.

Here at the Mossman Play Therapy Center we are committed to honoring children as more than a sum of these behaviors. We meet and nurture children where they are at using the therapeutic powers of play to gain a deeper understanding of what their needs and experiences are. We service children and their families throughout the South Shore using play therapy to bring about hope and healing.

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