Therapeutic Philosophy

Image of colorful butterflyNo two children or two families are the same. Like the beautiful colors displayed in the wings of a butterfly, each are unique in their strengths and in their circumstance. Therefore, when entering into counseling, the interventions utilized should be customized to meet your needs and not a one sized fits all approach to therapy. When your family and your child enter into a relationship with the Mossman Play Therapy Center the use of play, art, and other creative tools will be used to engage the therapy process and foster progress.

The Mossman Play Therapy Center also recognizes that children and families do not exist in a vacuum. It’s often helpful to work with schools, doctors, and other collaterals as a way to develop a whole systems approach to the therapy process. Here at the Mossman Play Therapy Center we are committed to the idea that much of the work of therapy occurs between sessions, and we work along side those in your support system to create an environment where change and growth is possible.

Our philosophy of what family therapy and child therapy should be reflects the days of the family doctor. A time where clients were made to feel like they were cared about as a person and were more than just a file in the drawer. Your child, your family and your set of circumstances are special and deserve a creative and unique approach to healing. Our goal is to help your family strengthen their roots while also learning to grow and stretch your wings.