Parenting Support:

Often times when children are engaged in services parents also find themselves experiencing heightened stress. They may have questions or concerns that they want to discuss. Here at the Mossman Play Therapy Center we understand that you are crucial factor in your child’s well being and we are here to support you. We offer individual therapy to parents and also parenting support sessions in conjunction with your child’s sessions.

Parent Training:

An aspect unique to the Mossman Play Therapy Center is that we also offer training to parents to help them better understand how to communicate with their child through play. A clinician and a parent will meet one on one for 8-12 sessions to learn specific skills related to play therapy. Parents will practice these skills at home with their child or in our playroom with the help of a trained clinician. Parents will gain a deeper understanding of their child’s experiences and feelings and will be better equipped to communicate with their child around these needs. With the belief that behavior is purposeful and children act out in an attempt to get a need met, this training aids parents in being able to understand what the child is trying to accomplish with their behavior. With that understanding parents are better able to set appropriate limits, validate emotions, and deepen their attachment to their child.