Appointment Requests

Thank you for your interest in the Mossman Play Therapy Center, please read the information below before requesting a new appointment.

If your family is already seeking services from the Mossman Play Therapy Center and you are looking for services for another child in your family or parenting sessions, please know that you will be able to view available appointments, however you will not be able to complete a new request with the email address we already have on file. When asked for your email you will either need to add a different email than what is in our system currently if you would like to complete the online request, or you will need to email to schedule. Please do not send an appointment request under your active portal as it will not be entered in as a new client. When you email Kim please identify the name and age of the person seeking services, the time you are requesting, and the clinician you would like to see.

You must reside and be present in the State of Massachusetts to schedule services with the Mossman Play Therapy Center. Our services are for children under the age of 18 or adults who are seeking support specific to parenting issues with children who are under 18 years of age.

Please review the Insurances we accept before making an appointment. Please note that we are NOT in network with public mass health plans (such as Tufts Public, MassGeneral Public or Beacon insurance etc.) and those plans do not cover for out of network services.

You may choose our self pay option if you are not going to use your insurance or we are not in network with your insurance plan, please contact us at for our self pay rates.

The Mossman Play Therapy Center offers set schedules for our clients. The time you select is the time each week you will have your sessions. Please DO NOT accept a daytime intake session with the hope of an after school spot opening. Waitlist spots after 2 PM are in high demand and we can not guarantee when an after school spot will become available. When selecting an appointment time keep in mind things like your fall school schedule or sports schedules. We are happy to provide an medical note excusing you for school or work.

Once we receive your appointment request we will send an email requesting insurance information. To verify we accept your insurance provide a picture of the client’s card (front and back). If your child is seeking services, we will need your child’s insurance card and this may be different than your own. If you are requesting parenting sessions when prompted for “client”, please choose the primary parent as the identified client. Parenting sessions may be conducted in person or virtual, as well as weekly or biweekly to best fit your needs. If we identify any issues with your insurance we will notify you of the issue to help navigate next steps.

If we do not receive the insurance information within 48 hours of our email we will assume you are not interested in services and will release the appointment time. Please check your spam folder for emails from the Mossman Play Therapy Center. If you have questions about insurance before you book the appointment online please email us at (preferred) or call 781-277-3131 x563 and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Once we verify insurance we will send you additional intake forms to fill out. Please complete the intake within 3 days of receipt or contact us requesting additional time to fill out the forms. Requesting an appointment is not a guarantee of services until all information is received and we have accepted your appointment request.

To learn more about our clinicians please take a moment to review the clinician’s bio’s.

We look forward to working with you and your family.