Play Therapy

The Mossman Play Therapy Center services children and their families using the therapeutic powers of play. The Mossman Play Therapy Center was developed from a passion to serve young children and to fill a much needed gap in mental health services on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Kimberly Mossman, the Mossman Play Therapy Center founder, found that children are often treated as small adults in the context of psychotherapy, and are often approached using various forms of traditional talk therapy. Over the course of Kimberly’s career she noticed that many children engaged in this form of treatment often found themselves returning to services again and again not receiving the care they need. 

The Mossman Play Therapy Center is, at it’s foundation, a place for children to explore and process their experiences through play. The core belief being that play, not verbal words, is a child’s natural language and the toys provided to them are their words. Trained play therapists understand how to use the therapeutic powers of play to facilitate long term healing within the child and within the family. 

Mossman Play Therapy is also committed to expanding Play Therapy Services throughout Plymouth County. So often, it is difficult to find trained clinicians to provide mental health treatment to young children in a way that a child can receive it. Children and families are too often left on waitlists and missed opportunities occur for early intervention. Supervision and training is provided to clinicians throughout the area who have a strong desire to become registered play therapists and/or who seek to gain a deeper understanding of how play is therapeutic and how they can apply that in their practice.